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Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Evidence that we must Eradicate Fascist Islam
I just heard on the news that Al Sistani, the Shia religious leader in Iraq, has decreed that Israel must cease fire in Lebanon immediately and all nations that obstruct that cease fire will regret it. Fox News ridiculously described Sistani as being "one of our biggest supporters." What a laugh.

Sistani has never been our supporter, he has never condemned the killing of Americans and he will never support Israel under any situation, ever. Sistani is a "religious" leader in no way that western civilization would consider religious. He supports jihad. He supports oppressing others to worship according to his beliefs. He supports the idea of destroying Israel.

He is a merciless coward who encourages others to wage war but won't fight it himself. He protects miserable little half-wits like Muqtada Al Sadr and abets his waging war with his "militia."

He only comes out against murder when muslims are murdered.

This, folks, is the man that Fox News and many others even in our government, consider a supporter.

What he really is, is the root of the evil we are fighting against.
So what can we do?

First, we must stop pretending that Islam is a religion of peace. We must identify our enemy as Islam, all of Islam. We needn't destroy all our enemy to win the war, but we do have to destroy the organization of Islam, their abilty to wage war and their ability to recruit supporters.

Second, we must stop pretending that leniency will get us anywhere in the Arabic or Islamic world. There is only one way to subdue them, and that involves a boot on their necks. They must be vanquished.

Let me point out that there are some good Muslims. I am only aware of the Azerbaijanis as supporters, they have sent a miltary unit to Iraq to help us in the war.

I'll say again, any Muslim, no matter his excuse, that does not renounce violence and jihad as a part of using their religion to oppress people and overthrow free nations, that does not condemn the attacks of 9/11 and other terrorist acts, is guilty. All of these muslims must be convinced of the error of their ways and their religion, such as it is, must be wiped off the Earth.

Freedom of religion is a natural right, but it does not apply to ideologies that deem it proper to kill us and oppress people.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Targeting the UN
Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hezbollah. Claims that the UN looked on and did nothing are slanderous lies. In fact the UN didn't act passively to that attack. They were quite active in filming the kidnapping. The UN then, of course, lied about even knowing about the crime.

Now this strange person from some third world dirt-hole country that dresses nicely and claims leadership of the UN wants to punish Israel for killing two UN observers at the very post where they filmed this crime. He's even made statements claiming he will send an armed force to stop the war. I'm not sure where he got this sudden power from, I seem to remember the UN having to vote on things before acting.

Israel's modus operandi has been to always hit enemies harder than they have been hit. I think it is completely consistent with their past behavior for them to drop a few artillery shells on a UN post that is actively used to support attacks on them. I think Israel is wise to deny that they did it on purpose, just as the US denies that it purposefully bombed the Chinese embassy in the Balkans.

But I don't for a second believe either claim. Nor am I sympathetic to cries of objection to those attacks.


What is Freedom?
There are a lot of confusing things said about freedom. Ayn Rand once remarked several decades ago on the vapid thoughts of young Americans who thought people in the USSR were "free" because they were allowed to listen to rock and roll, even though they had no political rights, their professions and property were controlled by the state, and they could be stood up against a wall and shot or sent to a gulag on the slightest pretense.

This perverse understanding of freedom is now changing how we view our own freedoms. We've had the Supreme Court tell us the state can take away our property and our land and give it to big companies to use for their profits. We are told how much money we can spend on expressing our political speech. We've been told that some of our speech is "hateful" and thus illegal. Heck, the government finds it in their power to design our toilets for us and forbids us to use ones that are reliable. The encroachments to our freedoms are growing far beyond my ability to enumerate here.

Now in the news is a new assault on our freedom. We no longer can choose our medical care.
A family in Virginia, perhaps for religious reasons, does not want their son to receive chemotherapy for Hodgkins disease. The son agrees. They want to control the disease with a special, well actually not that special, diet.

First, let me say that these people are kooks. Hodgkins is a disease that many people survive by using chemotherapy. Anyone not taking advantage of available cures is a fool.

But aren't we supposed to be in a free country? If you aren't free to choose how you treat a disease, if you can't choose to make a value judgement on whether or not you want to suffer the side effects of chemotherapy, if you can't comply with devoutly held religious beliefs (no matter how misguided or foolish), then you aren't free.

I don't agree with this foolish boy and his irresponsible parents. I have little sympathy for any religion, especially a religion that denies the benefits of medical science, but the nature of logic is that it can only be discerned through disciplined thinking. I wish all people had disciplined thinking and were able to act logically, but free people should not be forced to be logical.

If we can't form our own thoughts and act according to them, then we are no longer free. There was once a time when Americans understood this. It appears that we no longer do.

Post Script

A judge has granted a stay on the forced treatment of the young man in question. I'm sorry that this boy may die, but I rejoice at his newly granted, as if it were something to be granted, freedom to choose how he confronts his illness and even his death. We'll have to wait and see what the appeals courts decide about which of our freedoms we're allowed to retain.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Vote for More Vetos
President Bush used his first veto in his entire run as President. It was largely a bill with very little real significance and lots of fake political message. Stem cells research projects aren't going to be funded by the federal government, but private interests can still do as they please. Cries of the critics that science is losing out are ridiculous.

I'm happy about the veto but I couldn't care less about the topic. I'm just happy that the government actually declined to spend money on something.

Only a trillion dollars left to veto.


Syria and Iran Continue to Attack Israel
Why is Hezbollah raining unguided rockets on Israel? The military effectiveness of these rockets is insignificant. Their only purpose is to provoke Israel.

This is like the bully in school slapping a classmate behind the neck. It doesn't hurt so much as it's intended to make him lash out, justifying further pummeling.

The ragheads intend to inflame a larger war with Israel and the United States, make no mistake. Their tactics so far seem similar to what we've been seeing in Iraq, especially regarding how they employ their rockets and the ambush on the Israeli raid. They seem to think they have something up their sleeve.

Why did they provoke this now? That's the curious question I have. Why now? Why is now better than last month or next month? What are they up to?

I think back to their boasting about their new powerful weapons and wonder if they think they have enough surprise weapons now to take us on.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What is the Islamic Strategy?
If you were a raghead hoping to convert the world forcibly to Islam and become a world dictator, what would you see?

You'd see a United States dominating militarily everywhere it goes. But you also would see a United States that is increasingly tired of the morass in Iraq. You can't possibly win militarily in Iraq, unless . . .

To the ragheads, the war has mainly been in the press. And there they've been succeeding in wearing the US down, inciting a backlash against the war, driving many Americans to question our actions. The problem is that it hasn't been enough. So their other tactic is to terrorize Iraqi citizens, killing hundreds every week in Baghdad. That is also having a big effect.

But it's still not enough. So, if you were a raghead, what would you do?

Well, if I were a raghead I would surrender and then put a bullet to my head, but I'll pretend that I'm an insane raghead and want to win this war.
The manpower needed in an insurgency is pretty small compared to the manpower needed to suppress it. With comparatively modest effort they can begin actions in Somalia, Lebanon, and even Malaysia. They can act in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and anywhere they have a presence. They can stir things up in North Korea.

If they can push an insurgency in more and more places, there is no way the US can respond without permanently mobilizing all its forces. Our only response would have to be much less concerned with the pleasant ideas of avoiding civilian deaths.

The ragheads are praying for us to respond ineffectively and at the same time clumsily. They want to enflame the raghead world against us. This is a potential winning strategy.

The best way to prevent this from succeeding.is to strike at the heart of the problem: Iran. We should abandon Iraq to the Iraqis as soon as it is remotely possible and drive into Iran and destroy our enemies there, control their money, overthrow their oppressive government, and end this war permanently.

The Persians will not like this, we would be alienating our supporters there. This is tragic, but those supporters aren't doing anything for us now except enabling our enemies. People are responsible for those that they allow to rule them. We have little to lose and much to gain if we attack Iran.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Meandering Thoughts on the War in Lebanon
We can no longer pretend that small nations can be hostile to each other in such close proximity to each other. No matter who started this war in Israel, or for what reasons, it has started and it cannot end without eliminating one side or the other's ability to project power.

I'm no big fan of Israel, but they're on our side now. We cannot afford for Israel to lose this war, it would be disastrous to all of civilization in our war to destroy dirka dirka Islamic Jihad.

But what we're really seeing is that modern weapons with their range and lethality, and the potential to aim them well make it impossible to allow an enemy so close as Hezbollah is to Israel.

Now the press is acting as if it is a surprise that Syria and Iran are involved in fighting Israel. We've been fighting Syrians and Iranians in Iraq for a few years now. This is not speculation, it's a fact.
Hezbollah and other terrorist entities can no longer be allowed to exist at all, but Israel is right to escalate this war fully.

The only morally correct way to fight a war is total war. It is the only way to end the fighting with a long term resolution, and in the geographical equation of the middle east, Israel cannot afford to allow their enemies to exist any longer.

Now the Pope, the highest ranking Hitler-youth still alive, has condemned terrorism, but as a good Hitler-youth should he has also condemned the Israelis for doing something constructive about that terrorism. The cognitive dissonance would warp any other brain, but when you were raised to help send an entire peaceful religion to the gas chamber it's perhaps understandable. Catholics should revolt against this revolting man.

I don't think there is any escaping it. This war will escalate. Iran and Syria will get involved more directly and since Iran must get past us to get to Israel, that means that we will get involved as well. We will finally be allowed to free the Persians from the oppression of their mullahs.

I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The War Plan is Progressing as I Predicted
We have Iran surrounded, one side by us in Afghanistan, another by us in Iraq, and to the north by our Azerbaijani friends, to the south by our sometimes Pakistani friends.

Our main enemy, besides the USSR, for the past 25 years has been Iran. The invasion of Iraq was for many purposes, but I believe that the primary and unstated purpose was to surround Iran, make them afraid and eventually destroy their ability to export terrorism. Notice the increase of Irani saber rattling. They are very afraid. They are getting increasingly desperate in their support of the insurgency in Iraq. Iran's days are numbered.

But the other side of the equation has been Syria. I have often told my friends that we should allow the Israelis to take care of Syria, protect our rear while we handle Iran.

I'm happy to see this happening. Peace in the middle east is getting closer and closer. I only mourn that Lebanon is suffering again for the sins of Syria.