Sunday - July 30, 2006

Category Image More Evidence that we must Eradicate Fascist Islam

I just heard on the news that Al Sistani, the Shia religious leader in Iraq, has decreed that Israel must cease fire in Lebanon immediately and all nations that obstruct that cease fire will regret it. Fox News ridiculously described Sistani as being "one of our biggest supporters." What a laugh.

Sistani has never been our supporter, he has never condemned the killing of Americans and he will never support Israel under any situation, ever. Sistani is a "religious" leader in no way that western civilization would consider religious. He supports jihad. He supports oppressing others to worship according to his beliefs. He supports the idea of destroying Israel.

He is a merciless coward who encourages others to wage war but won't fight it himself. He protects miserable little half-wits like Muqtada Al Sadr and abets his waging war with his "militia."

He only comes out against murder when muslims are murdered.

This, folks, is the man that Fox News and many others even in our government, consider a supporter.

What he really is, is the root of the evil we are fighting against.

So what can we do?

First, we must stop pretending that Islam is a religion of peace. We must identify our enemy as Islam, all of Islam. We needn't destroy all our enemy to win the war, but we do have to destroy the organization of Islam, their abilty to wage war and their ability to recruit supporters.

Second, we must stop pretending that leniency will get us anywhere in the Arabic or Islamic world. There is only one way to subdue them, and that involves a boot on their necks. They must be vanquished.

Let me point out that there are some good Muslims. I am only aware of the Azerbaijanis as supporters, they have sent a miltary unit to Iraq to help us in the war.

I'll say again, any Muslim, no matter his excuse, that does not renounce violence and jihad as a part of using their religion to oppress people and overthrow free nations, that does not condemn the attacks of 9/11 and other terrorist acts, is guilty. All of these muslims must be convinced of the error of their ways and their religion, such as it is, must be wiped off the Earth.

Freedom of religion is a natural right, but it does not apply to ideologies that deem it proper to kill us and oppress people.

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