Tuesday - July 18, 2006

Category Image What is the Islamic Strategy?

If you were a raghead hoping to convert the world forcibly to Islam and become a world dictator, what would you see?

You'd see a United States dominating militarily everywhere it goes. But you also would see a United States that is increasingly tired of the morass in Iraq. You can't possibly win militarily in Iraq, unless . . .

To the ragheads, the war has mainly been in the press. And there they've been succeeding in wearing the US down, inciting a backlash against the war, driving many Americans to question our actions. The problem is that it hasn't been enough. So their other tactic is to terrorize Iraqi citizens, killing hundreds every week in Baghdad. That is also having a big effect.

But it's still not enough. So, if you were a raghead, what would you do?

Well, if I were a raghead I would surrender and then put a bullet to my head, but I'll pretend that I'm an insane raghead and want to win this war.

The manpower needed in an insurgency is pretty small compared to the manpower needed to suppress it. With comparatively modest effort they can begin actions in Somalia, Lebanon, and even Malaysia. They can act in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and anywhere they have a presence. They can stir things up in North Korea.

If they can push an insurgency in more and more places, there is no way the US can respond without permanently mobilizing all its forces. Our only response would have to be much less concerned with the pleasant ideas of avoiding civilian deaths.

The ragheads are praying for us to respond ineffectively and at the same time clumsily. They want to enflame the raghead world against us. This is a potential winning strategy.

The best way to prevent this from succeeding.is to strike at the heart of the problem: Iran. We should abandon Iraq to the Iraqis as soon as it is remotely possible and drive into Iran and destroy our enemies there, control their money, overthrow their oppressive government, and end this war permanently.

The Persians will not like this, we would be alienating our supporters there. This is tragic, but those supporters aren't doing anything for us now except enabling our enemies. People are responsible for those that they allow to rule them. We have little to lose and much to gain if we attack Iran.

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