Sunday - July 16, 2006

Category Image Meandering Thoughts on the War in Lebanon

We can no longer pretend that small nations can be hostile to each other in such close proximity to each other. No matter who started this war in Israel, or for what reasons, it has started and it cannot end without eliminating one side or the other's ability to project power.

I'm no big fan of Israel, but they're on our side now. We cannot afford for Israel to lose this war, it would be disastrous to all of civilization in our war to destroy dirka dirka Islamic Jihad.

But what we're really seeing is that modern weapons with their range and lethality, and the potential to aim them well make it impossible to allow an enemy so close as Hezbollah is to Israel.

Now the press is acting as if it is a surprise that Syria and Iran are involved in fighting Israel. We've been fighting Syrians and Iranians in Iraq for a few years now. This is not speculation, it's a fact.

Hezbollah and other terrorist entities can no longer be allowed to exist at all, but Israel is right to escalate this war fully.

The only morally correct way to fight a war is total war. It is the only way to end the fighting with a long term resolution, and in the geographical equation of the middle east, Israel cannot afford to allow their enemies to exist any longer.

Now the Pope, the highest ranking Hitler-youth still alive, has condemned terrorism, but as a good Hitler-youth should he has also condemned the Israelis for doing something constructive about that terrorism. The cognitive dissonance would warp any other brain, but when you were raised to help send an entire peaceful religion to the gas chamber it's perhaps understandable. Catholics should revolt against this revolting man.

I don't think there is any escaping it. This war will escalate. Iran and Syria will get involved more directly and since Iran must get past us to get to Israel, that means that we will get involved as well. We will finally be allowed to free the Persians from the oppression of their mullahs.

I couldn't be happier!

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