Thursday - July 13, 2006

Category Image The War Plan is Progressing as I Predicted

We have Iran surrounded, one side by us in Afghanistan, another by us in Iraq, and to the north by our Azerbaijani friends, to the south by our sometimes Pakistani friends.

Our main enemy, besides the USSR, for the past 25 years has been Iran. The invasion of Iraq was for many purposes, but I believe that the primary and unstated purpose was to surround Iran, make them afraid and eventually destroy their ability to export terrorism. Notice the increase of Irani saber rattling. They are very afraid. They are getting increasingly desperate in their support of the insurgency in Iraq. Iran's days are numbered.

But the other side of the equation has been Syria. I have often told my friends that we should allow the Israelis to take care of Syria, protect our rear while we handle Iran.

I'm happy to see this happening. Peace in the middle east is getting closer and closer. I only mourn that Lebanon is suffering again for the sins of Syria.



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