Wednesday - July 19, 2006

Category Image Syria and Iran Continue to Attack Israel

Why is Hezbollah raining unguided rockets on Israel? The military effectiveness of these rockets is insignificant. Their only purpose is to provoke Israel.

This is like the bully in school slapping a classmate behind the neck. It doesn't hurt so much as it's intended to make him lash out, justifying further pummeling.

The ragheads intend to inflame a larger war with Israel and the United States, make no mistake. Their tactics so far seem similar to what we've been seeing in Iraq, especially regarding how they employ their rockets and the ambush on the Israeli raid. They seem to think they have something up their sleeve.

Why did they provoke this now? That's the curious question I have. Why now? Why is now better than last month or next month? What are they up to?

I think back to their boasting about their new powerful weapons and wonder if they think they have enough surprise weapons now to take us on.



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