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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Time for Another Useless Re-org
In most of my time in the corporate world in the computer industry, and most especially at Dell Computer, there was a seemingly insane tendency to reorganize every couple months. It wasn't unheard of for some people to have 7 bosses in a year. I never understood the reason for re-orgs. The informal power structure never really changed much at the level where work is done and the real decisions are made. But the elephants would stomp around trying to impress others with their status within the organization.

It makes as much sense to re-org a company as it does for a floundering company to buy another floundering company, like Compaq and HP, and try to fool themselves into believing that they're making a difference in the bottom line. The accountants and the MBA types will slide numbers around, grease up cost centers and squeeze them into hidden places and really change nothing.

So I'm not surprised at the howls and protests wanting a change in the structure of intelligence gathering. I'm not even surprised, even though I am disappointed, that people in the media are saying that 9/11 proves that intelligence is broken, so we need to make this change for our own safety.

Of course, one thing has little to do with the other, but that's the same logic that keeps middle managers that are both incompetent and eager to advance beyond their intelligence levels in their jobs. It's also great for politicians, because it meets the needs of politicians perfectly: driving an agenda with little regard for reality.
And what is the reality? The reality is that there was an intelligence failure in that no one expected the attack of 9/11. That much is true. Now the question to ask is, is it possible to forsee all attacks on us? The answer is no, but we now know of this source of a threat and we need to re-adjust so that we are better able to anticipate attacks from the Islamic animals.

But how will a re-org do this? It won't. The work will still be done the same way regardless of how it is structured. The solution needs to increase the focus of effort, and that comes from personal attention, not from bureaucratic details. The right people with the right attitudes is the solution. The people doing the work will be the same, the people making the decisions will be the same. It's just a matter of who gets their name on the various doors.

So, all this talk about re-orgs in the intelligence arena is just as useless as it was at Dell. All it did in Dell was allow individuals to profit at the expense of the company's increased institutional confusion. All it will do in the government is give politicians a chance to finger point and try to increase their political power while attacking their political opponents.

The issue of intelligence is far too important to be thus politicized. This talk of re-org is best ended.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Slaughterhouse One
US forces have found a "slaughterhouse" in Fallujah. In the industrial section of Fallujah they found a building that served as a production studio and cage to detain, torture, and hack off the heads of innocents while the murderers filmed the whole ordeal. It's possible that these sub humans would have been able to do these unspeakable atrocities elsewhere, but they were done here.

Who's to blame for this place? The terrorists, of course. But there is more blame to be handed out.
I blame George Bush for allowing these murderers to be able to operate so freely. By pulling our Marines out of Fallujah in April right in the middle of destroying the enemy, he allowed them to gather strength and to act more boldly.

And I blame the democrats for not offering a better candidate than George Bush. That the democrats are dominated by communists doesn't absolve them from blame for not insisting on protecting our troops, our citizens, and our nation.

I blame the entire Islamic religion for their complicity in not denouncing their clerics' evil.

The Marines and soldiers around Fallujah are finally being allowed to do the job that they should have been allowed to finish seven months ago. They will take the only actions able to stop murderers. They will kill them.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

It's Time to Start Acting Like We're at War
Okay, the election is over and the American people have made it clear that they support the war in Iraq and the war on Terrorism. It's high time we started acting like we're at war.

I don't mean to imply that the war efforts to date are not worthy of the highest praise, but we have hamstrung ourselves by not publicly admitting who our enemies are: Wahabist Islamic Clerics. I read today that twenty-six Saudi clerics have issued another fatwa condemning those who do not kill Americans, and encouraging them to support the sub-human filth that is responsible for sawing off the heads of people while they're alive.

If they're not for us they're against us. In war, we need to destroy those against us.
There is nothing to be gained by not killing these clerics. It is traditional to not target clergymen, but the reason is that clergymen have traditionally been forces of moderation and peace. There is also a fear that such men of peace if harmed would become martyrs that would encite and energize new followers.

Well, these animals will not have any more impact if they were martyred than they already have had. By allowing them to remain alive and encouraging more slaughtering of innocent people, they gain strength every day. The worst that can happen if they are killed is that the Saudi government might be mildly annoyed and that their followers might behead innocent people. But the Saudis are already mildly annoyed, and their followers are already using knives to hew off the heads of innocent people as they scream, gurgle, and writhe in pain.

The worst that can happen if these clerics are killed is that things will not get better. The advantage is that people who listen to them will know that our arm can reach everywhere, and that no one who aims to destroy us is immune from our power.

The cultures that breed people that follow sub-humans such as them are not impressed by talk. They are only impressed by power. We need to demonstrate our power to stop the voices of these clerics and end their ability to foment hate and murder.

The alternative is to allow them to continue to appear able to defy us.

We are a peaceful people. Prosperity only comes from peace and we are extremely properous. If we can't use our power to maintain peace then we will have lost and it will only be a matter of time before they win. We must not allow these men to maintain any semblance of power against us.

Kill the clerics.