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Friday, December 31, 2004

I've noticed, as though for the first time, the tendency for the press to almost appear to want things to get worse so their stories get better. The media was breathlessly announcing the latest death tolls in the recent tsunami and eagerly predicting that the number would continue to rise. I think even their biggest hopes were exceeded. They were expecting the numbers to rise solely from disease, but it appears the direct deaths outnumbered even the biggest predictions.

So, the ghouls in the press have been slavering over the scenes of destruction while the anti-American UN has been goading us to give more money.

And beyond the untold millions of dollars given by private US charities, the US federal government has again pandered to our enemies in the UN and in the Islamic world and has donated, not the initial $35M, but $350M. Look for more of our money to be wasted as the UN goading continues.

See the man in Osama Bin Laden t-shirt? He's getting part of that $350M.

The only good news about this $350M is that President Bush has refused to put it under control of the UN. For this we can be thankful. Maybe the terrorist wannabes will at least not wear their bin Laden t-shirts when sucking off the American teat.

I am compassionate for the decent people that have had their lives destroyed, but I hope that we can use intelligence and sense in ensuring that the storm that destroyed so many of our friends and even fellow countrymen is not used in an underhanded way to funnel funds to our enemy.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Arabs Lack of Mind
I'm reading Raphael Patai's "The Arab Mind." I'm only a third of the way through it, and it is pretty boring, if enlightening. The gist of what I've read so far is that because of Arab culture, Arabs are incapable of telling the truth, do not have a firm grasp of sequence or history, think it is admirable to kill their own daughter under common circumstances, and mask their hideous lives in a superficial hospitality that they take great pride in.

I'm sorry, but they're screwy. The first clue to my unsurprising discovery through Patai's book is when he began discussing "face." I experienced the fraud of "face" while in Japan and it appears to work the same among Arabs. I learned then that the Japanese found it very convenient to hide behind the facade of "cultural differences" and manipulated American politicians and thus me by claiming that they see the world in a different way.

I didn't buy it then, and I don't buy it now.
Arabs, be they Muslim or Christian, or whatever, use a similar ideology of "face." What it really means is that their culture is backwards and they don't like to admit it, so they pretend that others must bend reality to accommodate their perverse view of the world.

The stories of Arabs refusing to tell the truth are legendary. It is briefed to all Americans heading overseas that Arabs will never tell you that something can't be done. If you ask if they can deliver a product at a time and date, they will always say yes. They fully expect that they are not to be believed. Got that? They knowingly tell a lie, with the full knowledge that if you act on their answer that dire consequences may result. Yet they dismiss their treachery as just a quirk of their culture.

All cultures are not equal. Their culture is immoral and decidedly inferior to ours. There is a powerful element controlling their culture that wishes to destroy ours. It is our moral responsibility to destroy them first. The more I learn about these virtual subhuman, immoral, anti-life, anti-mind people, the more I am inspired to help destroy them so that we might resume our lives in peace.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Humane Society: Burning the Village in Order to Save it
I'm watching Animal Planet on television. This episode is in Michigan or some other northern clime and some intellectually challenged animal control workers are busy collecting dogs from homes that they claim are not caring for their dogs properly. On one, the dog has a house with clean blankets and fresh food and the animal cops are disappointed that they can't find justification to steal the dog from its owner. They claim that dogs can't live in the weather, but they don't explain how wolves and coyotes can thrive in the same weather without food being provided for them. Later, despite the dog being perfectly healthy and food is provided, they go back and steal the dog under color of law on the simple basis that a seal on the front door of the house isn't broken after a day. I don't know about others, but I rarely use my front door, I've gone months at a time without opening it. But this seems good enough for them to take the dog.

So, there's a bit of the obligatory thuggishness in anyone wearing a badge, even animal cops. But what really amazes me is that they confiscate some animals supposedly to save them. The vet gives it a good bill of health, it has a gentle temperament, and isn't distressed. Yet this healthy dog, from a home that kept fresh food out for it, will likely be euthanized. It's like burning the village in order to save it.

I don't respect this type of work, and I don't like charades. If you want to save a village, save it. If you want to destroy it, destroy it.
I don't have a point to share. I'm just sharing my observations.