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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Freedom of the Press
Sweden is forcing websites that accurately portray the murderous founder of the murderous, oppressive religion of Islam to remove such accurate portrayals.

I'm not in Sweden, but I despise Islam and I especially despise anyone abetting the coverup of their ways. Therefore, I am helping, in my own small but determined way, to continue mocking the original terrorist of Islam.

The translation of Islam means "obedience." I want to go on record as telling the Imams and all the bestiality practicing muslims, that we are not obedient to their ways.

We will destroy that religion, just as Rome destroyed Carthage and its religion of child sacrifice.
Islam delenda est.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Pope is all for the Religion of "Peace Through Beheadings"
I read this morning that the Pope has spoken out against the political cartoons depicting Mohammed as a violent man. It makes one wonder why he would do this. Is it because he thinks it isn't polite to point out the elephant in the room? Is it because he doesn't want anyone in turn to point out the recent past of his own church, supporting murderers taking over Spain and Germany in the last century (especially with his ties to Hitler)? Is it because he is against freedom of speech? No, it's for much more sinister reasons.
The United States has made a huge error, one it can still correct, by not recognizing that the War on Terror is actually a relgious war. Our enemies may have temporary secular allies such as Iraqi former regime elements, but as we have seen, this alliance of convenience is very fragile, with frequent large scale battles between our enemy factions in Iraq. Many times while I was in Iraq, our troops witnessed battles, complete with mortar attacks and roadblocks between these factions. Our long term enemies, may use these former regimists, but the former regimists have their own agenda that often gets in their way. These Islamic fanatics are so intent on instituting Sharia law and their special brand of Islam that they don't even recognize the common sense of not fighting with their allies.

I can understand, even though I don't agree with, the decision by the US to not recognize the religious nature of the war. In the short term it may help mollify some of the enemy and deter them from being more actively murderous. We have enough on our plate with the first two muslim nations we've overthrown. The others will have to wait a bit longer. There is no need to get them riled up before we destroy their theocracies in turn.

What I don't understand is the Vatican. They have no army. They have no power projection they're trying to economize. In theory, the leader of all Catholics should have nothing but morality as his goal. Yet, what has been the consistent stance of that monster John Paul and now his successor, the Hitler youth? They have spoken up for the murderers. They have defended the claim of blood thirsty beheaders that no one should mock their religion.

So why would they do such a thing?

It's because, deep down, fundamentally, they think that a religion should have a protected status to control its followers as much as it can. The Pope may not agree with the details of Islam, such as the Koran, the sanctity of Mohammed and the claimed pedigree from Abrahams's other son, Ismail. And the Pope eats pork. But otherwise, the Pope has never relinquished the claim of power to control the lives and minds of its followers. Fundamentally, the Popes have defended the most outrageous claims of Islam because they want to reserve the right to make similar claims themselves.

The Catholic church is in decline in most of western civilization, probably at its lowest since the New World was discovered. The United States has to import priests from south and central America. European post modern progressivism is driving most of Germany and France towards secularism. Recently its defense of pederasty has been driving people away. This is a matter for concern, but the church doesn't want to reform itself, it wants to regain its former blind following.

The church has a continuing history of supporting totalitarianism against freedom. In almost every war worth noting, the papists have supported the immoral side. In Spain they supported the fascists against the legitimate government because the fascists supported state sponsored religions and the republicans wanted a version of separation of church and state. In WWII, they were somewhat neutral when there was never a clearer time to come out against an evil regime. In poor and oppressed nations, to this day, they support the oppressors so long as the oppressors give lip service, and money, to the church.

Now again, when there is a moral stand to take, the Pope doesn't condemn Islam and its bloody thirst for hacking off innocent heads. He defends it against legitimate ideological ridicule. I guess in his mind the world can only benefit from Islam reconstituted as a power. Perhaps he believes the world will divide again into Christendom and the Sultanate. The way things are going, that would be a step up for the church.

The president of the United States said that anyone not with us in this war on Terror is against us. The Pope, by supporting the suppression of free speech and supporting the murderers of Islam has once again shown that he is not with us.

We can only be thankful that American Catholics have traditionally been disinclined to follow the Pope's leadership. They may say nice things about him, but in the end, American Catholics ignore the funny foreigner in the pointy hat -- as we all should.