Here I've listed all the required maintenance for the Boxster according to the workshop manual. My manual is from the year 2000 with no updates since then. My car is a zenith blue 1999 2.5L, but to the best of my knowlege all the information contained here applies to all boxsters unless otherwise noted.

I tried to leave out redundacies so when you do the 60k maintenance you should also do the 15k and the 30k maintenance at the same time. Notice that some maintenance is based on elapsed time and some on elapsed mileage.

To start off most of the the scheduled maintenance, put the car on jack stands and open the top to the engine access position. See the "Miscellaneous" section for details.

I've tried to be thorough and list all the tools and parts needed for each task. I've even given a sample of parts costs.

If you find errors or omissions, or would like to make suggestions please feel free to email me.

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