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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Victory for Freedom of Speech

A law enacted in 1999 has been struck down by the US Supreme Court today as an overbroad infringement of free speech.  In United States v. Stevens (discussed here) the court said that the law criminalizing possession of depictions of animal cruelty goes too far.  It specifically said that there is already laws forbidding cruelty to animals in all fifty states and that there is no history in our law of outlawing all depictions.  The Chief Justice also ruled that there is no reason to allow an unconstitutional law based on assurances from the government that they would not abuse the law.

This is an excellent opinion and is in the best traditions of American jurisprudence.  That's pretty unusual nowadays.

To celebrate, I'm posting a depiction of animal cruelty that the government presumably would have used its discretion in not prosecuting me since bull fights are art.

This is not for everyone, so don't watch if you don't want to see a ferocious bull die.  (It may not be safe for work if your boss is the government or a sissy!)

Bull fights are like a dance.  Strangely, the ferocious and powerful bull is the woman, and the guy dressed in tight pants with puff balls on his toes is the man.