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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy is Dead

Mary Jo Kopechne has no comment.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

B. Hussein Tells us He is Equal to God

During his campaign to become our first overt marxist president, B. Hussein said that he would lower the oceans and perform other miracles.  As cynical as I am, even I took this to be simple hyperbole.  Maybe in bad taste, but nothing more than political hyperbole.

My cynicism has jumped into high gear.  Now, B. Hussein equates himself with god while talking to religious leaders.  

His exact quote, in referring to his healthcare plans, and in reaction to Sarah Palin's description of "death panels" that would give the government the power to decide which of us is to live or die, was, "We are God's partners in matters of life and death."

I have never in my life heard anyone, much less the President, make such an outrageous claim to divine power.  I don't think even George III or his ancesters had the gumption to be on a par with God in any matter, let alone in deciding who gets medical care to live or die.

Was this supposed to quell the fears raised by Sarah Palin?

If I weren't an atheist, I would be seriously wondering if this man were the anti-Christ.  Everything he has done so far seems to have the intended effect of destroying our national wealth and prestige.

But let's examine this a bit deeper.  Could he just be a rube and not realize the meaning of his own words?  Let's look at one other factor in this incident.

The comment came during a conference call with religious leaders.  It would seem that he should be taking their reactions and sensibilities into account.  But just maybe he really is that stupid?

No.  He's not.  It was intentional.

According to the Washington Jewish Week, (hat tip to my former squadron mate, Beege) the background music while the Jewish religious leaders were waiting for The Oneself to come on line was "Deutschland Über Alles."

Do you know how hard you would have to look to find that song being played?  This was the national anthem of the nation that tried to exterminate Jews as though they were rodents. 

People made fun of Bush for supposedly making the world hate the United States.  Personally, I never saw that.  I saw a bunch of people that hated us already and this being blamed on Bush.  On the other hand, B. Hussein has deliberately gone out of his way to insult nation after nation, excepting marxist nations that is, in the crudest ways.  And now he is insulting an important supportive voting bloc, Reform Jews, very intentionally.  

I can't really express the depth of fear I have for our nation.  He really seems to be taking on all the characteristics of Bolshevism.  

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's on the Radio, it Must be True

I often listen to National Public Radio, unless they have a money begging week on.  I justify this from a need to know my enemy.  The pretentiousness is almost insufferable at times.  I assumed that they were biased, and they are extremely biased, but I also figured that even if they never tell the entire story, at least their half of the story is generally factual – at least to the extent that any mainstream media would be.

But I'm losing even that much confidence in them.  I'm not sure that they're not even in the same category as Dan Rather and CBS who unapologetically fabricated slanderous lies whenever they wished.

Yesterday they had a fluff piece about the Bravo channel.  The agenda of the fluff piece isn't so clear.  They appear to have a running story line the past few weeks of how the intelligentsia have their secret pleasures of watching non-intellectual television shows or reading trashy novels.  Tee hee, aren't they cute?

Bravo channel is a channel pretty much dedicated to convincing us that homosexuals are about 75% of the population.  Maybe that is part of NPR's agenda.  I couldn't say.

On the fluff piece, some executive from Bravo brags about how its audience is the most educated, smartest, most intellectual, trendiest, and wealthiest of any channel on cable television.

This is absurd on its face.  I find it really hard to believe that a show about really bad amateur clothing designers attracts more intelligent people than the science channel.  But Madeline Brand didn't even blink at the claim.

There was probably once a time when "journalists" would check out claims before presenting it as news.  I guess they've trained us quite thoroughly by now and we just expect them to be omniscient.  I suspect that the "journalists" don't have a good sense of reality and it seems perfectly rational to allow Bravo to advertise itself and make such claims without verifying them.  There's something very wrong with that way of thinking.  

"Journalists" like to believe that they control what we know.  Perhaps that was largely true before, but it is no longer.  We no longer have to pretend that "journalism" is a job that requires special training or degree.  Publishing news or investigating truth is something that anyone can do, and we do – all of us on the internet.  There in no need to rely on these bozos anymore.

Monday, August 10, 2009

If the Taliban are Winning . . .

The Wall Street Journal has an article explaining that the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan.

"Winning" and "losing" are very loaded terms at this point, but I suppose the point is that the Taliban are being more effective in murdering people.

If that's true, then why are Marine battalions being told that their deployment to Afghanistan are being delayed?

This is a screwy war.

I understand about the need to protect the population, and that this is a proven strategy for overcoming a counter-insurgency.   This was appropriate for the people of Iraq, who generally had no beef with us.

The same can't be said of the Afghans.  They allowed the Taliban to control them.  They allowed the attack on us in 2001.  They deserve no pity, no help.  The Taliban should be hunted down and killed wherever they are until they beg us to stop and are prevented from ever becoming so bold again.  Otherwise, why should anyone be afraid to attack us?  

Retribution is sometimes appropriate.

Here's What Our Government Thinks is a Health Care Issue Are you comfortable answering these questions in a nameless, faceless government questionaire? 

If we get government controlled healthcare, it's a sure thing that this will be required.  The military already requires servicemembers to tell the government all about how often they do or do not use condoms, seat belts, cigarettes and the like.  

In the past, sailors and Marines would be required to undergo a physical exam every five years.  The rectal exam was a common point of humor in that exam.  It was a fairly thorough exam where a doctor looked at you and your body, and made a determination of your general health.  All in all, it was beneficial.  But enter the new cost cutting and our five year physical is now replaced by a questionaire of 21 questions, all similar to the ones above.  It doesn't seem to me that these questions do much to inform a doctor or me of how healthy my body is.  It appears to be more focused on behavior modification or data mining.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'm of a mind to believe that these questions are none of anyone's business, and certainly not the government's.

Especially regarding the use of condoms, it seems to me that this is a violation of the law as defined in Lawrence v. Texas.  The government has no legitimate purpose in knowing people's sexual activities.  Disguising this prurient interest as a "personal health assessment" or PHA (because everything in the military must have an acronym) is disingenuous and intrusive.

Pay attention, America!  If the government pays all your medical bills, it will control your entire life and existence.  Every action that a human being makes has a potential impact on his health.  In the military they think that since they pay the medical bill, then can ask you any question at all.  Don't kid yourself that this lesson will be lost on civil health care as well.