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Sunday, May 17, 2009

B. Hussein, Religion, Notre Dame

I was flipping the channels this afternoon, hoping my two year old would finally get sleepy enough for a nap and I chanced upon the last 20 minutes of B. Hussein's commencement address to the University of Notre Dame's class of 2009.

I am a big fan of Notre Dame commencements, I attended all of them between 1982 and 1985.  There has been a quasi tradition of sorts, Bush the First was an exception to that tradition, that newly elected presidents speak at Notre Dame the year that they are elected.  I haven't kept track of the years since then, but that's why I initially wasn't much bothered that B. Hussein was asked to speak at the 2009 commencements.

As the controversy advanced, I had to change my mind.  The University seems to have completely mishandled the entire issue.  Rather than simply say that he is the President, and we're honored that a man in that position will speak, they tried very clumsily to soften his controversial votes in favor of killing children that survive botched abortion procedures by balancing his attendance with that of their very pro-Catholic Laertare Medal nominee.

I don't blame Mary Glendon for refusing to be made a part of the spectacle.  I especially like her comment that commencement addresses fundamentally should be for the graduates, not to be a vehicle for complex and very disputed public controversy.

I don't know or much care who was the second fiddle to accept the Laetare Medal.  How must they feel to know that they are the first person to receive the honor after the intended recipient refused?*

Now to B. Hussein's address.  I didn't hear the whole thing, but I didn't hear him talk much about his communist ideology, beyond simple phrases imploring collectivism.  I didn't hear how he was acting to nationalize businesses and demonize private enterprise.

What I heard was frequent mentions of the virtue of religion and professions of religious belief.  I think there is nothing wrong with the president making such statements, but let's put this in some perspective.  If Bush the Second or any Republican president had given a speech with such frequent entreaties to an almighty, he would have been pilloried by the press for mixing church and state.  The silence from the usual critics is more evidence that the press is not only biased, but is actively promoting B. Hussein's marxist agenda.

The hypocracy is getting more than tiring.  It's gotten dangerous.  Bush was mocked for smirking, but I see little criticism of B. Hussein's obvious smirking and haughty demeanor.  He's The Won and need not be bothered.

I think Notre Dame should be ashamed for letting a man who not only promotes abortion, but encourages killing already born babies.  Notre Dame has lost a lot of its moral authority and credibility.  

*A quick bit of research shows that the University decided not to insult someone with a left over Laetare Medal and merely asked a former honoree to give an address.