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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mocking those that wear a uniform
"It is inexcusable for a delegate to mock anyone who has ever put on a soldier's uniform," said Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe. "It is inexcusable to mock service and sacrifice."

Does anyone else see the irony of someone defending John Kerry this way, the man who slandered the entire US military?

the end
Pressed for time and I can't expand on this delicious irony.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

What Kind of Man Quits in 4 Months?
The SwiftVets for Truth seem to have amassed a lot of reasons they don't like John Kerry. And the stories, some credible and some not, are starting to spread and get proven right or wrong.

But there will always be some doubt whether Kerry behaved well or not in any circumstance. Personally, I'm inclined to give a benefit of doubt to anyone who is getting shot at. In the absence of strong proof, I would just as soon believe that Kerry did well in his Naval career but he is making it very hard to do that.

The first and most obvious question is, what kind of man quits a one year tour of duty after only 4 months after volunteering for it? He had no debilitating injuries, yet he took advantage of a policy that allowed those with multiple injuries to leave early. He wasn't a conscript, he was a naval officer and a stunt like that is contemptible. That in and of itself is enough to question his character. But there's more.
Whether anyone was shooting when he pulled Rasmussen out of the water is a good question, and I wonder about whether his version of that particular story is true, but frankly if he embellished a bit I wouldn't be too concerned. Whereas I despise the devaluation of medals from the ongoing discussion on this subject (even Donald Sensing is saying that Bronze Stars are worthless) I am very reluctant to start playing the game where awards for valor are considered freebies. If a man is recognized for an award, I will assume that the write up is accurate and appropriate. I am not going to second guess officers who wrote these up.

But there are enough other things that don't gibe with Kerry. Like the Cambodia in Christmas, quoting Nixon who wasn't in office, the consorting with proven frauds in the VVAW. And why is his own staff confusing him with Bob Kerrey and claiming that John Kerry was Vice Chairman of the Intelligence Committee? The pattern of really stupid lies is too blatant, too pointless, too consistent, too prolonged to not take notice of.

Kerry is right in line with the recent Democratic party tendency. He lies about everything all the time, but Kerry isn't even smart enough to make good lies.

There's just too much about this man that screams out at me that he is slime.

Any man who volunteers to serve in the Navy and specifically volunteers for combat duty, and leaves before his obligation, and who doesn't have serious wounds, is not a man I can respect.

The only way that can happen is if his peers and his superiors thought this was the best way to get rid of someone that they didn't like having around.

Democrats are worthless to nominate such a man. There were so many other choices.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Euro Weenies are Now in Charge
Colin Powell, the squeamish loser , has invited the Euro weenies to officially "monitor" US elections. I suppose it didn't occur to him that these are the same people who wouldn't support us against Iraq, the same people who have made their contempt of the administration quite plain.

Did President Bush know about this foolishness? Did they stop to consider the obvious consequences? Did they even think about what is obviously going to happen?
Let's make no mistake about this. There has been an international socialist movement in western Europe since the late 19th century that was the inspiration for the rise of communism in Russia. This movement came not only with a political philosophy, but with anthems and disciplined organizations. In some nations these organizations were more overt than in others, and they waxed and waned in influence. Before and during the Spanish Civil War, there were strong movements in England and France that failed to dominate their governments but exerted some influence nonetheless. The beret of the French socialist movement became the defacto uniform of the Spanish socialists, and even of the icon of the ideals of communism, Che.

This international socialist movement drove the Venona spies in the United States, including the Rosenbergs, Harry Hopkins, and too many other people to mention here. That is, not only were there many socialists and communists in the communist international, they were actively spying at the highest levels of our government.

I submit that 100 years and more of international solidarity in this communist movement did not end with the House Unamerican Activities Committee, or with the denunciations of Senator McCarthy, but it continued and continues to exist. I suspect very strongly that in the Viet Nam war the movement gained its greatest strength, with active participation from Jane Fonda and from people like John F. Kerry, now candidate for president.

Ever since the rise to power of Reagan these people have become increasingly desperate. No longer hamstrung by the obvious evil of the Soviet Union after the fall of the Berlin Wall their desperation was magnified by boldness that we haven't ever seen in this country before. The usual suspects, under cover of various organizations like the Greens, various environmental groups, anti-GATT groups, Palestinian supporters, etc., have united time and again to promote the most extreme socialist agendas ever put forward in the mainstream of US politics. After learning of Venona and the Soviet and Comintern influence in the US from the 30's to the 50's, and understanding the nature of the Communist International's inroads into western Europe I find it very hard to believe that the current international anti-American and socialist agendas of various European governments and the Democratic party of the US are not associated with the longstanding international socialist movements.

This would explain the rabid promotion of idiotic lies and deceptions from the likes of seemingly insane men like James Carvelle, and the parroting of these lies by a compliant press corps.

it would also explain the seemingly insane insistence by various Euro countries to undermine the US's stance in Iraq. The French, the traditional leaders in the international socialist movement have for the past 50 years been building a Franco-Islamic power base with the hope that the huge Islamic part of the world would be aligned with them in opposing the US and enabling them to institute their socialist nirvana at long last.

So these are the people now given the opportunity to "observe" US elections. Has there been any indication in the past few years that these organizations will do anything except exploit their role to embarrass our nation?

What will be our reaction if these "observers" declare our elections to be flawed? When Bush wins, we can count on these anti-American organizations to denounce the results. Their predictable biased announcement is sure to increase dissatisfaction among the losers in the shrill and fanatical socialist/communist organizations trying to control the Democratic party. Our nation, surely the greatest democratically based government in existence could be plunged into chaos by foreigners with interests contrary to our safety and power.

Calling in foreign election observers is the single most stupid decision I've ever seen by our government.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Liberty and Power
The Instapundit linked to another blog by someone named Tom Bell who discusses the short career of the Roman Emperor Pertinax. It seems that after the corrupt and tryannical reign of Commodus was cut short by an assassination by his praetorian guards, Pertinax was asked to wear the Purple. Tom Bell highlights the great ideas of Pertinax to "remit all the oppressive taxes invented by Commodus, and to cancel all the unjust claims of the treasury; declaring, in a decree of the senate, 'that he was better satisfied to administer a poor republic with innocence, than to acquire riches by the ways of tyranny and dishonour.' [quoting Gibbon]"

This all sounds good to those of libertarian leanings, but the rest of the story highlights why the Libertarian Party is now nothing more than a dangerous indulgence by the naive and childish. You see, Pertinax only reigned for eighty-seven days. Pertinax failed to understand how to wield power, and that is why he was killed so soon.
George Washington once famously said, "government is all power." By this he demonstrated that he understood what Pertinax, Tom Bell, and all the current crop of the Libertarian Party don't. It's all well and good to have great ideas and want to promote liberty and justice, but when it comes down to brass tacks, only the powerful will survive. We may not like this arrangement but this is the way the world is. Ignoring reality is a dangerous thing.

By failing to consolidate control over the Praetorian Guard before enacting his reforms Pertinax was unable to protect himself from assassination and he was thus unable to protect his reforms. His failure was a betrayal of the trust placed in him by the people of Rome. I don't know if his failure was because of some idealism or simply an indication of the overwhelming power his faced, but he failed nonetheless and he should be held as no one's hero. Ideas are good, and he was probably a good man, but his failure precludes including him in the pantheon of those to be held up to emulate.

There are many other great examples to use: The Spanish Civil War was won by the Nationalists led by Franco. But Franco wasn't very smart and he wasn't even a great military leader. He won that war not because of his superlative ability but because his opponents were utterly incompetent. When the Republican government was elected to power in Spain, they failed to wield it. They had nothing but disdain for the military and allowed their political opponents to control every position of authority within the army and much of the navy. By not having control of any armed forces at all, when the war started they were helpless and it took only two years and many idiotic blunders to completely lose control of their government, first to the Soviets and then to the Fascists. The war could have been avoided if they had understood that to stay in power they had to have power. But the pie-in-the-sky consortium of republicans, socialists, anarchist, anarchosyndicalists, communists, socialist anarchists, libertarian socialists, and other leftist and even traditional liberal parties thought that the world's long struggle for freedom was over. All people would now hold hands, sing Kum Baya and live in happy freedom.

The Republicans of Spain failed to wield power and thus betrayed the trust given to them.

Today in the United States we have a similar cabal of leftist, traditional liberal, green, communist, socialist, and libertarian movements who eschew involvement in the war against Islam. Led by the likes of Howard Dean, and encouraged by corrupt money machines like Ralph Nader, these movements have widely diverse political ideologies in many respects, but they all converge on one idea: That our war against Islam is wrong. They want to stop the war, forgetting that although it takes two to tango it only takes one to wage war.

The popular pacifist movement is dangerous. It is right to not to wish to control others, but it is wrong not to maintain and use appropriate power to keep others from controlling us and robbing us of our freedom.

Wielding power is the most important part of maintaining freedom. The whiney pacifist movement, perhaps confused by an inability to judge right from wrong and mired in moral relativism, fails to distinguish between the just and righteous use of power to protect freedom and the use of power to deny freedom.

Let's hope that in the coming elections that these "girly men" and birkenstock chicks don't prevail. We can see from the example of Pertinax what happens when good ideas are allowed to be destroyed by others who aren't so squeamish about being powerful.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Real Swift Boat Heros
John Kerry has been claiming some heroic feats from his time in Viet Nam. This in itself is ironic because he is a communist who did his level best to destroy the United States efforts there.

But now his former shipmates have leveled the most devastating attack on him that I can possibly imagine.
Here's a link to the video they've made.

If Kerry survives this, we're doomed.

Update: Kerry is threatening to sue any television station that airs this. Thank goodness for the internet.