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Saturday, June 26, 2004

We Simply Haven't Killed Enough Muslims Yet.
Today I read of another poorly titled news account of Muslims saying it is okay to kill people, so long as they aren't Muslim. Per the title of the article, they have condemned the new round of bloodshed, but only on reading the body of the news article do you learn that they only refer to when Muslims kill other Muslims.

Again, they have shown that they believe it is perfectly justifiable to kill Americans, Koreans, and others. They only are concerned when Muslims are killed. I think it's time to give them a lot more to be concerned about.

We should start targeting these evil, murderous, ignorant clerics. What are we afraid of? That Muslims will hate us and behead innocents? Too late, they already do.
To date, I have yet to learn of a single pig Muslim cleric who is against killing Americans or other non-Muslim people. They sit back and denounce the United States for helping them regain freedom, and then act so offended when the rabble they have helped raise then acts against their wishes.

Here's how it works you pigs: You never had power. Power comes from guns. You encouraged people to act violently and now you're struggling to regain the fiction that you could control the violence that was then unleashed. You can't and you won't. It was your backwards culture that allowed dictators to get control of every major Muslim country, and in most instances the dictators are beyond your control. You thought you had power over your people, but absent guns, and swords (such a backwards people!), you never had any power to coerce people to follow your religion. The only power you ever had came from the guns, swords, and prisons of dictators.

Now the United States, with the help of other enlightened nations, is helping to institute the type of government that will allow your people to be free to worship as they wish and you're rightly terrified that your power, which you only imagined you had, will wane.

There are undoubtedly good people in Iraq that are worth saving. None of those are clerics.

I relented in my opinion of Islam slightly in the past year, but I'm returning to the correct view that we must destroy Islam before we are safe. Any Muslim who doesn't loudly, publicly, and sincerely denounce the 9/11 attacks and the jihad against the west must be a target and destroyed. They are proving through their beheadings and clerical pronouncements that we will never be able to sleep safely until they are dead.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I Can No Longer Be Patient and Understanding
A third innocent man has had his head viciously hacked off by Muslims. These animals held these men down and sawed off their heads by cutting through their necks with a mildly sharp knife while the men screamed and gurgled.

Yet there are people in this nation of ours who are so blinded by political hatred that they still claim that our war is misguided, or worse.
The evidence of what these people are is no longer in question. No one can claim to not understand. From now on, those who object to this war can no longer be patted on the head and sent along their way like the morons they are. Now even morons must know what we face. Those not supporting this war, in one way or another, are supporting the enemy.

There is always room for discussion on how to wage the war, but I will no longer tolerate the treasonous bastards who say that we should stop the war.

I'm sickened by these traitors almost as much as I am sickened by Muslims who hew off the heads of good men.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

What will become of the Navy?
USSNewJerseyBroadside.pngWe don't have total and absolute control of the seas, but it isĀ 
difficult to imagine our mastery of the oceans to be any more complete that it currently is. This is not only because we are so powerful, but it is also because none of the nations with strong navies are interested in opposing us at sea.

This is all good news. But it never fails that once a nation is no longer challenged, it stops doing what it takes to remain unchallenged. Today I read in my copy of the latest edition of the U.S. Naval Institute's Proceedings a recommendation by a Captain John Byron that the US Navy drastically downsize its fleet and concentrate almost exclusively on supporting land warfare.

This seems to be a dangerous idea.
Captain Byron makes some interesting points about breaking the political power within the navy of the different warfare communities, and makes a few other suggestions that are all premised on the assumption that our naval supremacy cannot be challenged. It's interesting that he insists on silencing the professionals that are most knowledgeable about naval matters, and that he does so by a scandalous method of argument. By pre-emptively accusing anyone with the necessary knowledge to intelligently counter his argument of being part of a vast naval professional conspiracy, he is trying to make his argument equally unchallengeable.

The gist of his proposal is to completely abandon everything we've done that has created our powerful position on the world's oceans and reduce our naval requirements to support only two missions.

Mission One: Maintain a sufficient fleet-in-being as hedge against potential threats to freedom of the seas, retaining enough industrial, technological, and training infrastructure to remain superior to any nation that might pose a blue-water threat. The Navy must drastically downsize its capital ship inventory . . .

Mission Two: Support land warfare.

Of course, he doesn't come up with any clear explanation as to how we are to maintain sufficient power on the high seas and reduce the already small fleet at the same time. I won't say it isn't possible, but let's just say I'm skeptical without a more in depth analysis. Who is qualified to do that analysis? Why the professionals in the Navy, of course, who have made it their life's mission to study this very question.

But Captain Byron wants no one who can do such an analysis to question his vision. He demands that they be silenced.

Here's what he said. In a list of requirements for his vision to succeed he includes this doozy:

Break the backs of the three dominant warfare communities to stop perpetuating a blue-water navy frozen in the Cold War. As long as they call the tune, the surface, submarine, and aviation communities will starve Mission Two.

What vision! What brilliance! What rot!

This is like saying, let's cut the number of fire stations by two thirds, but don't ask the fire department's opinion on the matter, they might disagree.

Captain Byron is insulting every professional naval officer with his cockamamie ideas and he knows it. He proves his intent to insult them with his a priori assumption that they won't like his ideas and must be pre-emptively silenced.

With all due respect, Captain Byron needs to be challenged vigorously and immediately.