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Sunday, April 06, 2003

Finally, Peace in the Middle East
For decades people have been complaining that there is no peace in the middle east, but it's been like talking about the weather, everyone complains but no one does anything about it. But now we will finally accomplish it.

There hasn't been peace in the middle east for a simple reason, the Islamic world has declared war on western civilization, and even specifically the United States. This declaration of war happened a long time ago, but we didn't pay it much attention because the threat was almost comical at first, and insignificant later. We kept regarding the turmoil in the middle east as an Israeli vs. the Arabs instead of Islam vs. the freedom of western civilization. The melting of our skyscrapers finally corrected our dismissal of this issue.
Some say that this war in Iraq will destabilize the middle east. I should certainly hope so. The oppressive theocratic states there will not be destroyed and reformed otherwise. Our strategy seems clear. We control Afghanistan. We're about to control Iraq. This puts us on both sides of Iran, and we will soon be controlling them as well. Syria will succumb to the Israelis. Jordan will either join us or also succumb. The Saud family will be deposed in Arabia. Soon, the muslim world will be completely transformed. The people there will be free to practice whatever ridiculous religion they wish.

This is the most important point. Islam has spread almost exclusively via military conquest. They retain power only through oppression and coerced observance of their religion. The western world has shown quite dramatically that once people are free to worship as they choose two things happen: First, religion thrives. Second, individual religions wane in political power. The people of the middle east are no different than the rest of the world. They enjoy freedom as much as we do and deserve the right to choose their own religion.

The Islamic world is having convulsions right now over the United States' invasion of Iraq, not because they seriously think that we are unjustified in removing Hussein, but because they know that it signals the end of their bloody grip on their own populations.

In waging this war, we must remember a very important point -- There is no substitute for victory. All the hand wringing about civilian casualties will be forgotten once we have won. All the mindless Iraqis shouting about fighting for their country are not only irrelevent now, they will disappear once their regime is gone.

Well, they won't disappear completely. In the War Between the States, the southern states had their own underground militia that practiced terrorism at the end of hostilities, the Ku Klux Klan. It will take a few generations to completely eradicate any Islamic terrorists and like in the case of the KKK they will become reviled by their own people, but freedom will eventually supplant terror.