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Saturday, September 15, 2001

The Price for the Death of Americans
The horrifying attack on our nation this past week cannot be justified in any way. I denounce the Libertarian Party's comments linking this attack to US intervention in foreign affairs. I agree that the US should be more isolationist in its foreign policy, but no matter how meddlesome the US may have been (and I don't think we have been very meddlesome) in foreign nations, this attack is beyond sanity.
The people who did this must be destroyed. They must become like Carthage after the third Punic War . (Click here for a briefer, but less accurate synopsis.) Their culture, their government, their people, their homes, their livestock, their pets, their land, everything associated with them must be anihilated completely. Those who might in the future be tempted to commit such an act should know that they will cease to exist, their ideas and religions will perish and become nothing but a footnote in history. There must be no mercy, no escape of any person in the nations supporting these governments. A people are responsible for the government that they allow to rule them, and they must be held accountable by ceasing to exist in a terrible, bloody, painful and complete death of their entire culture. There is no Carthage any more. There is no Punic or Carthaginian culture that remains. Their fields were salted and nothing remains of them except the history of their demise.

Likewise, the country from which these attacks were launched must become sterile and devoid of human life. Let no one forget the price that they will pay for attacking our peaceful and prosperous nation. Let all the people of the world know the peril they place themselves in by allowing themselves to be ruled by those that would strike at us.