Sunday - March 21, 2010

Category Image Abortion Did Us In 

This healthcare fiasco is the death of our culture and way of life.  For a year now we've been listening to people with odd names like Steny and Stupak act as though they have a right to deny us our freedoms and our right to do business with the people we choose , even when we decide whom to trust with keeping us alive and healthy.

Now it looks like Stupak, whoever he is, will now put the nail in our coffins, and all because of abortion.  Apparently Stupak, whoever he is, has been opposed to B. Hussein's plans to control our lives because of the potential for funding abortion.  Today we learn that he has decided to vote for totalitarianism with the hope that abortion is never funded by our nationalized medicine.  I find his claims to be less than credible.  I suppose that he, whoever he is, has immensely enjoyed the fleeting power he has wielded.

First, let's be up front and point out that abortion is wrong by any human standard.  Even the Supreme Court admitted as much in Roe and Casey, but ruled that deciding the morality of abortion was beyond its authority:  "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins. When those trained in the respective disciplines of medicine, philosophy, and theology are unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer." Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 159 (U.S. 1973).  That Court refused to have any part of balancing the recognized right of the child with the right of the mother, and decided to simply ignore the rights of the child.  It was a morally bankrupt decision on every level, from states' rights, basic individual rights, and responsible jurisprudence.

There have been three reasons that the left has been adamant about abortion rights.  First, there is a very weak claim that it has something to do with women's rights.  With the invention of birth control of so many different kinds that are so easily obtained, this weak claim evaporates.  In any kind of balancing equation between the right of a mother who failed to use birth control before having sex, and then failing to use birth control after having sex, it really comes down to quite simply killing a child for the bad luck of being conceived by a thoughtless and irresponsible woman.

The second reason to favor abortion has been that they sell it as a progressive measure to free and empower women, to try to garner the favor of women voters and constituents in all places.  It has always been a very popular measure in communist movements because it helps to disrupt the society and in some instances divide many of the women voters from the men.

The third reason to favor abortion has been to focus the efforts of the political opponents away from other issues.  This has worked very well the past forty years.  Note how the abortion arguments get more and more shrill and more outrageous.  Our current president, B. Hussein, even openly and enthusiastically supports waiting for a child to be born except for its head, and then sucking his or her brains out, and collapsing his or her skull before the head emerges from the birth canal.  This is a procedure that is never needed for any medical reason.  Why would such a law be supported so vigorously?  For one reason only:  To keep the opponents of abortion focusing their hatred on something that doesn't matter one bit to the democrats.

And now we see the result of this ploy.  It appears that Hussein's take over of the market place is not to be stopped with the banks and car makers.  He will now control our health; which is to say that he will control every aspect of our lives from now on because everything we do affects our health.  How did he finally accomplish this?  By brokering away some abortion language in the erstwhile bill that no one has read or understands.  Of course, they can always reinject the abortion language at some future date after we have become enslaved, and perhaps the morally supine Supreme Court might even insist on it.  But don't kid yourselves.  The democrats as a whole don't really care about abortion except for that third reason above and being able to use it to disable their political opponents.

The republicans have erred by allowing abortion to become so important to their party for this reason.  Certainly they should be opposed to abortion, but they should instead be focused on freedom and pointing out the evil of socialism and collectivism.  Instead, the republicans are saturated with socialists such as the Bushes and McCain, who only disagree with the extent (barely) of socialism used in our nation, not on its philosophy.  

If Stupak, whoever he is, ends up being the key to enslaving us and dooming our nation to becoming just another socialist country like Germany or Cuba, or even like North Korea if we aren't careful, then we can blame the myopic vision of the anti-abortion crowd.

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