Thursday - December 31, 2009

Category Image A Strange Emotion when Studying for the Bar 

Whenever I miss a practice question for the bar, my usual reaction is, "Oops!  How did I miss that point or issue of law?"

But Constitutional Law can be different.  Whenever I miss a question and the answer has to do with fundamental rights like freedom of speech or assembly, I get an entirely different reaction.  Shame.

I don't know if I've been jaded by law school but when I realize I didn't stick up for freedom of speech because I was erroneously thinking there was some oddball exception that wasn't really there or didn't apply, then I wonder if my natural cynicism towards the law has increased or if I really have forgotten what is right and wrong.

But the cure for this is more studying.  So that ends this rant so I can resume such duties.

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