Tuesday - May 11, 2010

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The twisted religion of Islam has attacked another innocent in its perverted quest to dominate the world.  

Lars Vilks was attacked by an organized mob in Sweden while giving a speech on freedom of speech.

The list is growing.  Salman Rushdie has been stalked for decades, Theodor Van Geough was murdered, newspapers and the South Park cartoonists are threatened.

The United States government has done little to address the ever bolder homocidal goals of Islam, preferring instead to say we have a war on terrorism that is distinct from Islam only in the minds of the politicians in Western Civilization.

Americans are afraid to publish criticism of our enemies.  And when you put it that way it seems incredible, but I have yet to hear any US politician denounce the frequent rioting and threats against the press and against individuals.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press mean very little if the people are too afraid to exercise their freedoms.  

When I swore as a military officer to support the Constitution against all enemies, I expected that when such enemies appeared that we would do something like actually try to stop them.  Instead we're engaging in nation building in regions that have nothing to build from.  In the entire history of mankind, no thriving economy has ever existed in Afghanistan.  I don't expect that to change any time soon.  It is a hopeless task.  Meanwhile, our enemies watch us deplete our wealth while they simply toss a few bombs around and cause chaos.

We may have "won" in Iraq, but we have yet to defeat Al Qaeda.  In fact, we have yet to even acknowlege what Al Qaeda's motives are or target them and their ideology for destruction.

If we can't keep people safe when they exercise their free speech, then we're not really winning. More importantly, if our own people are such moral cowards that they succumb to these threats, then we are well on our way to losing the moral strength that made our nation so powerful and righteous.

Having a government that recognizes our freedoms requires that we defend those freedoms.  Defending our freedom means destroying the ability of our enemies to cow us into forsaking the exercise of freedom.   The president, both the current and the previous one, swore to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution."  It's high time someone in that office starts acting like it's something worth defending as an idea, and not just something you launch missiles at from an unmanned aircraft.  The idea of freedom is protected by attacking the ideology that threatens freedom, not by paving roads in a sewer of a country in central Asia.

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