Saturday - January 02, 2010

Category Image Rushdie and now Westergaard

The animals that make up much of modern Islam (excluding some very civilized places) will never stop until they succeed in murdering Salmon Rushdie and Kurt Westergaard.  Rushdie wrote a satire of religion and Westergaard made a famous cartoon of mohammed with a bomb in his turban.

Westergaard got attacked yesterday by an axe wielding animal.  Does anyone think that they'll stop attacking him?  

I wonder when the civilized nations of this world will finally understand that the threat to civilization will not go away and will not subside.  In fact it is only likely to grow until we get serious about countering it.

We are in a new era.  Most of the country is still living in a posture that we could indulge in only after the Second World War where most countries adhered to some form of desire to be civilized.  That era is gone, though many politicians in this country and others are blind to it.

I hope we can figure out what we're up against before it's too late.

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