Saturday - October 20, 2001

Category Image Colin Powell, the Squeamish Loser

Colin Powell has declared that after we defeat the Taliban, that he wants them to be a part of a government we leave behind.

This may sound heretical to some but we need to get rid of that squeamish loser, Colin Powell.

I admit, I've never liked Colin Powell. When I was in the Marine Corps, he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was nakedly ambitious, overtly political, and I never trusted him. He transformed the military into a "purple suited" joint department that emphasized bureaucracy over combat efficiency.
Then he became the leading figure in the war in the Persian Gulf and is the man primarily responsible for botching it up. Most people don't recall how he thought that a large military action was a bad plan. He wanted to use economic sanctions against Hussein. He kept doing his best to steal the glory from the on-scene commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf, who did an amazing job of motivating, leading, and controlling the military forces on scene. Never before has a desk bound general like Colin Powell been given so much credit for a field army's actions. Powell was so successful at stealing the glory that most people consider him the man who defeated Saddam Hussein rather than the man who prevented his defeat. If Powell had his way, we'd still be trying to talk Hussein into leaving Kuwait. Powell didn't want to fight Hussein, and after he was over-ruled and we fought the war, Powell is the man who saved Hussein from destruction.

It's even appropriate to say that by stopping Schwarzkopf in the middle of winning the war, that Powell caused the rise of the Taliban and the escalation of anti-American terror. If we had destroyed the Baath party and installed a democratic republic in Iraq, the people of Iraq would be more prosperous, we'd have cheaper oil, and we'd have a stronger influence over Iran and the other nutty nations in the region. We spent a lot of money in that war and got nothing out of it except a more dangerous world.

Powell is the man who allowed Saddam Hussein to remain in power after we spent billions to conquer him and now he wants to keep the Taliban in power.

So now why I am bringing all this up? I read today that Powell, now in the position of Secretary of State, has announced that he thinks that the government we install in Afghanistan should contain "moderate" elements of the Taliban!!

The Taliban wants to kill Americans for no other reason than that they hate us, and he is afraid to hurt their feelings? Should we have allowed "moderate" Nazis to retain power in Germany after WWII? The Taliban execute women for public sport and Powell thinks they should be allowed a voice in the government we set up? We've got to remove Powell from our government, he is not only embarrassing, he is dangerous. Colin "Squeamish" Powell is not, never has been, and cannot become a leader. He is too much of a wheeling and dealing politician and he is once again jeopardizing the safety of our nation through his unwillingness or inability to set aside his squeamishness at destroying and controlling an enemy.

We need a man who is unafraid to kill to be our Secretary of State. We need men of good character in our government who can be trusted to install a government in Iraq and Afghanistan, (and someday in Iran) that supports the same freedoms that we enjoy here. Freedom is not a concept peculiar to our nation. All people deserve it, and if we want peace, we must ensure that others are free to prosper. A prosperous people is a peaceful people.

All nations of the world should be free, and all people deserve freedom. We can't make this happen for all nations, but once we go to the trouble and expense of conquering a nation, we have a moral obligation to leave behind a government that respects the people's freedom. We also have an obligation to ensure that we leave behind a government that is friendly to us.

Colin Powell's call to leave the Taliban in power is not only childish, but it is dangerous. It is high time that Americans wake up and put this petty politician in the job he is best suited for: retirement.

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