Sunday - December 04, 2005

Category Image A Man Will See What He Wants to See

And will disregard the rest.

Congressman John Murtha has been in the news a lot recently, mostly bad mouthing the military and saying how hopeless it is for us.

I have no idea where he got that idea from. When he came to visit our battalion in Haditha Dam, Al Anbar Province, Iraq, we told him an entirely different story.


This is a picture of him with some army guy I don't know, our battalion commander and the battalion sergeant major.

There's no telling what our CO told Rep. Murtha. But I am pretty sure he didn't tell him that we need to cut and run. We had a dog and pony show with samples of how much our equipment had improved in the short time we had been there, especially regarding armored vehicles. I'm sure he bragged at our recent permanent presence in the city of Hit.

And I'm pretty sure no one told him that we needed to be pulled back home before finishing the job we were doing.

But a man will hear what he wants to hear. See what he wants to see. And make any kind of crazy claim to support his political agenda.

His aides walked about handing out little keychain fobs with his name on them. I didn't keep it, wish I had now, so that I could mail it back to him with appropriate comments of disapproval.

He and the other congressman, who's name I don't remember because I didn't get a key chain fob with a name on it, had some really hot-looking aides with them. It caused a small stir when they came to the top of the dam.

Here LCpl Fencil, our photographer, seems to be chatting with him, but I suspect he was really checking out his aides. I was too discreet to take pictures of them.


Rep. Murtha retired as a Marine officer. It's a pity he didn't seem to learn much about warfare from that experience. But a man's agenda will influence what he sees and hears first hand. Or at least what he'll say he sees and hears.

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