Friday - July 03, 2009

Category Image Colin Powell:  Still a Squeamish Loser

Several years ago, I spent time on this blog explaining how Colin Powell is a squeamish loser.  Well, nothing's changed.

He's spent a lifetime vacillating and politicking.  He even took credit for winning the Persian Gulf War when he wasn't even a field commander.

He's gotten a lot of leg's up in his career for being black.  Then he declared himself a republican.  I'm not sure why since he hasn't once expressed a principle that might be similar to anything that the republican party claims to hold to.

Then he went with the flow and ignored B. Hussein's marxist ideology and supported him for the presidency, even though he contributed money to McCain to help him secure the republican nomination.

Powell, along with every other black voter, about 90%, in this country that voted for Obama, proved that whites are not generally racists, but blacks are.  Blacks vote for a man based solely on the color of his skin.  

So now, Powell has buyer's remorse.  Screw him.  It's about time the country starts ignoring this opportunistic, squeamish loser.

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