Monday - February 05, 2007

Category Image The Governor of Texas Just Called My Daughter a Slut

I'm not sure what HPV is, but I'm being told 4,000 people die each year of cervical cancer that someone theorizes might be caused by it. I'm not going to question that claim, it's beyond my expertise. Let's assume it to be true.

The issue is what to do about it. A drug manufacturer is about to make a lot of money from coerced vaccinations using their medicine, enabled by the singular act of the governor of Texas. It hardly seems an emergency that requires legislating from the executive branch of government. It would have been nice had there been public debate about this, a vote by our representatives would be appropriate for something as controversial as this.

I'm not saying that it's bad to vaccinate my daughter, it's probably a good idea. The risk/benefit analysis might be pretty one-sided, but I don't know because there's been no debate or discussion.

But it's not the governor's job, nor even the legislature's to make the decision or even to perform the analysis, although I welcome assistance from the government in understanding the issue. When weighing the risk to my daughter for this disease, or any other danger, there are only two people that have any business deciding what is best for my daughter, and those are me and my wife.

So, we're in the situation where the governor has decided that all children will have sex with people that will give them this disease. I would like to think that the governor does not know my daughter and can't make that decision intelligently, even if he had the right. Maybe my daughter will be the slut he expects her to be, maybe she won't be. But it's not his job to say so.

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